Surprising Facts About Golf

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Golf is enjoyed by many for several reasons. It’s versatile, offers a chance to connect with other players, it’s physically demanding but still relaxing, no round is ever the same, and one can’t deny the beauty of golf courses.

Golf was Banned

Nowadays, golf is not known as a rebel sport. But there was a time when it was. Golf was banned in Scotland not only before, but three times between 1457 and 1744. This is because the government thought it would interfere with military training. In the early days of golf, players played golf publicly, such as on courses or in business suites. This was considered a disadvantage. In addition, football (soccer) was also banned during this period.

Golf was Invented in Scotland

The same people who banned golf were also the ones that created the sport. Scots built golf in 1457. No one knows the best times for the sport. The accepted suggestion is that the game was created in the High Middle Ages. Although golf was played publicly at first, people created golf courses and clubs. Therefore, both are still important.

Tiger Woods Made His First Hole-in-One at the age of 8

Professional golfer Tiger Woods has had some fascinating antics in the news. But one thing is for sure, he is a great golfer. Tiger Woods became interested in golf when he was only six months old and his father began coaching him when he was 2. He practised regularly and made his first hole-in-one when he was only eight years old!

Tiger Woods Won 81 PGA Tournaments

All his training as a kid paid off in adulthood. Tiger has won 81 PGA events to date! However, these figures are not the most impressive. Sam Snead won 82 events. Jack Nicklaus is just behind with 73 wins. However, Nicklaus flies ahead, winning 18 majors. Woods won only 15 majors. Whether he is a stylish golfer is debatable, but it is undeniable that all three golfers are among the most successful in history.

Phil Mickelson is Right-Handed

Do a simple task with your opposite hand, like making a note. It’s tender, isn’t it? Now imagine you are a golfer and you use your opposite hand to play the sport. That’s what Phil Mickelson does. He is right-handed but plays on the left side. Why then? Another athlete who started the sport young, Mickelson did his father’s golf swing. His swing was left-handed, so he swung left-handed.

Most Golfers Will Never Have a Handicap Under 18

Most professional golfers play 4 and 6 rounds before moving on to the pros. Unfortunately, not all golfers are so blessed. The majority of golfers do not play for those under 18 years. Does this mean you are a bad golfer? Not at all! Most golfers are just hobby players. To get your score below 18, you need to play hard and practice.

The First Round of Women’s Golf was Played in 1811

Sports have a history of misogyny. Golf is no exception. That’s why the first round of women’s golf lasted four hundred years after the sport was created! This first round was played in Musselburgh, Scotland. In 1867, the first women’s club was founded. Since then, women’s golf has had a great history. Like all sports, women still struggle in the world of golf. But the golf course is becoming more women-friendly.

There’s a 12,500 to 1 Chance of Making a Hole-In-One

Oh, hole-in-one. This is what all golfers strive to achieve. Are you struggling? Don’t worry, you are not a bad player. The odds are against you. The odds of a typical golfer making a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1. This is because the surface of the hole is so small. Professional golfers can play their entire career without hitting a hole-in-one!






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